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As far as market prices are concerned, we resolve uncertainty and turn it into confidence. Qudos Market Insight leads the field in technical analysis software and trading software in the future movement prediction of stocks, forex and commodities.

  Automation is key

We automate the process of stock market analysis, using cutting edge techniques, created by Dr Brian Millard. Our software rapidly scans thousands of share prices and trades, teasing out the underlying cycles within.

Buy Brian Millard's latest book, "Future Trends from Past Cycles" (published by Harriman House) from our Books section - destined to be a classic.

You may be wondering how to react to recent market events. In markets like these, we can help. Chart your course, confidently, with Channalyze™.

Forget the free technical analysis software and trading software you can acquire on the internet. Forget the online stockbroking tools. None of these equips you with the market insight that Channalyze™ will.

As Gary Player once said, "the more I practise, the luckier I get!" And that's exactly what you can do: back-test, risk-free, with historical data in training mode. So go on, be the best: get Channalyzing today!

This flagship product is now available for 30-day trial. Try TODAY!

Tests show a trend predictability of around 90% (yes, that right, 90%!) for direction and extent of movement at least 10 days into the future on many stocks, commodities or FX. The predictable stocks are readily separated from those that are passing through a more random phase in their history. See the Essential User Guide for details.

Followers of Brian Millard's methods will understand that trends are represented by centered moving averages. The difficulty is that centered averages terminate half a span back in time. This of course means that the direction of the trend is not known either in this gap or into the immediate future.

Channalyze makes the assumption that trends can be decomposed into individual cycles. It is possible, with some  error, to predict the future path of individual cycles into the near future. Thus by focussing on individual cycles, each one can be predicted into the future, and then summed to provide a good estimation of future movement. This makes Channalyze a totally unique piece of technical analysis software and trading software. See some practical examples.

Qudos' Values

Our core values are return on investment, innovation, dependability and sustainability. But above all, we value your custom and welcome your views. So please feel free to give Feedback on our products, services or this website.

Qudos' News

Qudos has recently upgraded its ChannalyzeUpdater program and has also added some new guidance notes on importing your own stock data into Channalyze.

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