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Qudos Market Insight is a leader in product innovation. Our ethos ensures continuous improvement (Kaizen) of your software to a best-in-class standard.

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Brian Millard is a renowned, prolific author in the field of technical analysis and has been writing books for over 25 years. His deep understanding through practical research into stock market technical analysis has resulted in many radical innovations which are manifest in our software products. Channalyze is one such product which we believe will redefine the field of technical analysis.

The recommended companion book for our current software is Channels & Cycles: A Tribute to J. M. Hurst. All books authored by Millard are listed below.


New Books from Millard!

Future Trends from Past CyclesFuture Trends from Past Cycles


millard_on_channel_analysisMillard on: Channel Analysis


Classics from Millard


JM Hurst

Channels & Cycles: A Tribute to J. M. Hurst





Millard On: Channel Analysis




Stocks & Shares

Millard On: Stocks & Shares




Profitable ChartingMillard On: Profitable Charting Techniques




Traded Options

Millard On: Traded Options




Millard On: Winning on the Stock Market



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