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Channalyze Hits Wall Street


CCS Visions™ (July 2010)

CCS Visions™, our entry level product proved extremely successful in introducing people to the concepts pioneered by Brian Millard. However, we've found that almost everyone who purchases CCS Visions moves onto the more powerful Channalyze very quickly, this coupled with the fact that you can now download a free trial version of Channalyze means that CCS Visions™ has had its time in the spotlight and so we've decided to move it into a happy retirement.

Qudos and Noakes working together (May 2010)

Qudos Market Insight is pleased to announce that it has formed a partnership with Noakes Limited, who will be looking after the day-to-day support and development of the Channalyze product range.

CCS Visions™ Hits Market (Feb 2009)

CCS Visions™, Brian Millard's entry level product has just been released to market. Priced at an unbelievable £99, this product is sure to take the market by storm.

Channalyze™ Hits Market

Channalyze™, Brian Millard's revolutionary new technical analysis software, was released to existing customers in July, 2008, after beta-testing (at a deeply discounted price). Initial reviews confirm the success of this World first product!

Website Lauched

The all-new Qudos Market Insight web site was launched on 1st August 2008. The web site is intended to provide a convenient platform for customers to purchase products, obtain updates, download the latest versions of the software, and provide feedback. We are committed to developing the web site as a user-friendly platform and welcome your views. Working with you, our intention is that the web site will evolve and be refined over time.

Channalyze Review Published in 'Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities'

Channalyze was reviewed by Dr DW Davies in the magazine in the November, 2008 edition. See the acclaimed article at traders.com

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07-Dec-08 Software Evaluation Period Extended to 30 days

Due to popular demand, we have decided to extend the trial period for Channalyze to 30 days.

17-Dec-08 Brian Millard Talks at the Society of Technical Analysts

In London on 20th January 2009, Brian Millard will give a presentation at the the Society of Technical Analysts (STA). The meeting is held at the British Bankers' Association from 6pm.