Help Me Decide Which Product to Buy!

Choosing the most appropriate software for your needs is not always that straighforward. Look at the list below and ask yourself "Does any other product have the feature set of Channalyze?"

We can safely say it won't have the Channel, Millard Cycle and Automatic Scanning capabilities. If you still can't decide, why not try a download and see for yourself! Remember, also that you can email us or use our online feedback form if you have a query which is preventing you from deciding that Channalyze is the best product for you.


Feature Channalyze
Vista and Windows 7 compatible Tick Box
Use Multiple Format Data Tick Box
Automatic Cycle Scanner Tick Box
Millard CyclesTM Tick Box
Simple Moving Averages Tick Box
Triangular Moving Averages Tick Box
Moving Average Difference Tick Box
Super Rises and Falls Tick Box
Channel Analysis Tick Box
Bollinger Bands Tick Box
Relative Strength Index Tick Box
Inbuilt Help Files Tick Box
Loyalty Discounts Tick Box
Email Support Tick Box
Priority Support Tick Box
Forum/Blog Access Tick Box
Updates for Life Product Tick Box