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This section of our website is intended to provide general information only. For specific product-related queries, we refer you to the operating manual for the relevant product, or the help files within the software itself. FAQs are generated directly from your feedback.



How can I obtain product support? Please visit the support link.

How are you any different from all the other software providers?

How do I know you will still be trading in 6 months time? Brian Millard has been selling software since 1981. His first program, Microvest was a one of the first in the UK. Qudos Publications has been around since 1991. So, we're going to be around for some time to come. Brian's two sons and also directors of the company, so we're thinking of the future.

How can I speak with someone? Please follow the support link to send an email requesting a call-back.

Can I try before I buy? Yes - please go to the download page.

How do I know it is secure to pay online? We use Google Checkout which is safe and secure. Please visit the Google website to see for yourself.

What if my software is faulty? We will rectify any software problems for the life of the product. Please visit the support page to contact us. if you are experiencing difficulties.

What if I am not satisfied with my software? We recommend you first trial the software from the download page of the site. We offer a 30-day no-quibble money back guarantee (proof of removal from PC is required).

How is software delivered to me? You will receive a retail box shipped from the UK direct to your stated address. We're also working on the option of purchase from a download.

I love the product. How do I submit a testimonial? Great! Please visit the testimonials page.

I have a suggestion to improve the product. What’s the easiest way to give feedback? We actively encourage feedback from your experience of using the products. Please visit the feedback page.

How do I connect with other users? We actively encourage interaction with other users to promote learning and innovation. Please visit the forum page.

How do I register my software? Please visit the registration page.

Will I receive updates? Please visit the site, particularly the version history page on a regular basis to check for updates. We cannot provide automatic updates at this moment in time. However, you can download an update patch from the download page should one become available.

How do I get discounts on future purchases? You are automatically entitled to discounts as a valued customer. The online store features a relevant button to allow you to take advantage of this. If you are a friend of an existing customer, you will qualify for a discount - please contact us to find out how to claim the discount.

Where do I get market data? Our software comes with historical data. We recommend trying one the providers in the useful links section.

I lost my manual. How do I get a replacement? Sorry, but we can't ship a replacement. However, you can download a replacement.

My PC crashed and I need to re-install the software. How do I do this? Just go through the procedure in the Operating Manual. Use the same unlock code that we sent to you.

Can I use the software on more than one PC? Sorry, this is not possible. The License Agreement states use on one PC only. Please purchase additional software for other PCs.

Is the software protected by copyright? Yes. You may not copy or distribute the software. Please see the License Agreement and Legal section.

Do you store my personal details? Yes, we store limited details about you, but only those submitted via Google Checkout and the web forms on our site.

How do I remove my personal details from your records? Please contact us

Why do I need to divulge personal information in order to register? Can I register without doing so? We feel that we can better serve your current and future needs if you provide some basic information. You can register without doing so by contacting us direct.

How can I pay for my software? You can use Google Checkout, or send a bankers check (cheque).

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