Technical Analysis Software Downloads & Updates

Choose the download you want from the list below, then double-click the download button. The file should automatically load to your PC. All files are downloaded as .zip files. Software downloads are active for a 30-day evaluation period, after which time they will cease to work. We recommend you activate your software at least 2 days in advance of the expiry date through online purchase to ensure continuity. The downloaded software can be unlocked directly over the internet once payment is confirmed through Google Checkout. Alternatively, an unlock code can be e:mailed to you.

When downloading technical analysis software for the first time, please the following instructions:

  1. Download relevant Operating Manual for installation instructions;
  2. Download Essential User Guide for helpful tips; then
  3. Download Software (installation instructions are also deployed in 'readme' file)

Note! We encourage folks not to print the manuals in order to save the environment as this is a very significant cumulative volume of paper. Most of our customers find the manual easy to access by using Adobe's 'thumbnails' or the in-built search feature (the binoculars icon). Please try this option first!

Once you're up-and-running, see the Essential User Guide for tips and analysis of specific stocks, etc. This file will be updated regularly with good examples of stable stocks, commodities and forex, so please do visit this page every week or so!

Feel free to post any comments you have on our technical analysis software using the links in the footer of this page.

Channalyze (version 1.0.0) 4.6MB
S&P500 Historical Data ~10MB
FTSE 100 Historical Data ~10MB
Toronto ~10MB
Essential User Guide (version 1.0.0) 2MB
Operating Manuals    
Channalyze Manual 5.8MB

Please read our licence agreement, privacy policy and terms of use before downloading your technical analysis and trading software.