About Us


Founded by the late Dr Brian Millard in 1991 as a vehicle for his books and software, Qudos Market Insight is a trading name of Qudos Publications Ltd.

Qudos Market Insight is the market-leader in technical analysis software on channels and cycles. With over 25 years of painstaking research by Brian Millard, our suite of products is simply unbeatable.

Brian Millard's landmark program, Microvest was launched in 1981 to enable readers of his first book, 'Stocks and Shares Simplified' to carry out the chart-plotting and calculations described in the book, Microvest has now matured into the unique software package Channalyze, containing the distillation of Brian's life's work.

Following Microvest, Brian went on to publish five books on stock market investment; his last being Channels and Cycles, a Tribute to J.M.Hurst: published by Traders Press Inc. in the US in 1999. Due to his untimely passing in 2009, Brian did not get to see his latest work "Future Trends from Past Cycles" in general publication; the final work to get the book into print was taken up by his son Simon and the book will be published by Harriman House in August 2010.

Brian Millard was also in great demand in the UK and the US as a speaker on price-prediction using channels and cycles.

Qudos continues as a family business with Brian's two sons as directors.


The Vision

Qudos Market Insight aims to be a market leader and innovator in the supply of technical analysis software and related services.

The Mission

We aim to help our clients gain a deep understanding of the principles of technical analysis and to provide a superior return on investment for all our clients. At the same time, we want our customers to have fun using our software!

The Qudos Values

Our values are based on five key principles:

  • Return on Investment
  • Innovation
  • Dependability
  • Loyalty
  • Sustainability

The Qudos Team

We have a strong and uniquely-talented management team at Qudos Market Insight.

Dr Brian Millard BSc PhD

Brian read Chemistry at Sheffield University, later acquiring a PhD and going on to become a renowned Research Scientist with several published books and articles. His interest in technical analysis (a hobby at the time) led him to start his own venture, providing computer hardware and software in the early 1980s. Brian's defining moment was the development and launch of the landmark program, Microvest, launched back in 1981. From then, Brian continued his relentless pursuit of mathematical models to crack Channel Analysis. His painstaking research and development finally paid of with the launch of Channalyze, a revolutionary software program in the field of Channel Analysis.

Brian's dream of working with his two sons in the family business finally came to fruition as Qudos Market Insight was born. His dream is carried on to this day by his family, friends and the company he helped to found; he is deeply missed.